My Primal Cravings

Primal Cravings mission is to prepare and deliver fresh, healthy food to Southern California and beyond. 

Primal Cravings is a paleo meal delivery company based out of Temecula, CA. We pride ourselves on using the freshest high-quality ingredients and want to be the Valleys premiere meal delivery company. Our meals are delivered 3 days a week to maintain freshness and there are a variety of different meal plans designed to fit busy schedules. We even offer a Firebreather plan for those that need the extra protein!

Lea Roberts has been an active CrossFitter since 2008. She began looking for the best way to fuel her workouts and completed a Whole30 paleo challenge soon after. Seeing the changes physically as well as in her energy levels she knew she was hooked and wanted to help other people make this kind of lifestyle change.

Lea started Primal Cravings in 2012 after repeatedly hearing from friends in the CrossFit community that they didn't have the time or knowledge to cook paleo meals.

Knowing the vast health benefits of a healthy diet, she decided to start a company that could help so many people make the decision to live a healthier lifestyle.

Together they are working hard on a daily basis to make sure that Temecula Valley has some of the cleanest best tasting food around. Using organic local produce and clean anti-biotic and hormone free meats is one of the ways the company sets itself apart from the competition.

Primal Cravings is constantly growing and trying to help educate the community on the benefits of the paleo diet, eating local & organic, as well as living an active lifestyle.

Primal Cravings not only will deliver fresh food to your door but we also offers weekly e-newsletters filled with info and recipes and cooking classes designed to help you gain knowledge and experience to see the difference a healthy diet can make for your family!!

We want to make eating healthy convenient and affordable.

Primal Cravings

We deliver delicious and nutritious paleo meals straight to your door...

We want to spread awareness of the importance of eating local and supporting our farmers and ranchers. Getting back to eating the foods our bodies were designed to eat and limiting or eliminating so many of the diseases and health problems that come from an unhealthy diet. Educating the community with cooking classes and information so that they can maintain healthy living as a family. Stressing the importance of an active lifestyle and reaping the many rewards of living as our bodies were designed.

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Monday through Friday. Choose from three affordable weekly plans! And don't forget we offer cooking classes and catering!